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Revenge of Heaven

During the summit of the Communist Revolution in China, there is no denying that the world was shocked when one of the most brutal kinds of violence was portrayed by people too loyal to their leader. There was a great amount of violence that was evident in whole China; from ordinary people, political cronies and even students. In The Revenge of Heaven, Ken Ling gives us a picture of how a seemingly quiet and innocent school became a playground of brutality and violence.

Amazingly, when the Red Guards became so powerful in Fukien, they were able to manipulate students through psychological warfare. At first, they closed down the schools so that the students can join in the Communist movement. Moreover, the Red Guard required every student to put up a poster (or any material for that matter) that would expose the “true colors” of their teachers. In the posters, students were encouraged to give even the slightest mistake (i.e. tardiness) that their teachers committed.

More so, a “work team” had taken over the school and they even egged the children. After which, the students grew increasingly bolder and after they left, they persuaded them to launch their own revolution. The students inflicted their teachers with brutality; they tortured and beaten them.

But the most noteworthy tactic that they wanted the students to do is to attack the “old culture” (ideologies, culture, customs and even habits). This is the four olds’ movement. (Ling) Somehow, the movement became successful but in the long run, it was abolished with the end of the Communist regime in 1976.

The Communist government made many tactics to manipulate and eliminate the people that they do not like or those whom they view as a threat to their dominance. One of the ways by which they were able to do this is through the country’s children. The government was successful in making their students very brutal murderers by encouraging them to inflict brutality and violence.