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Revenge the downfall

Fortifiers, Alerter and Hamlet all seek to avenge the deaths of their fathers. In the process of seeking revenge, the three of them expose themselves to a great gamble that inevitably leads to the loss of power, prosperity, status and life for all but one. When Shakespeare first introduces Fortifiers, Alerter and Hamlet to the reader, there is a clear contrast in the way these characters react to the problems they are prone to overcome. Hamlet on the one hand tends to think clear and rational of all the contributing elements and factors before going Into action while Firstborns and

Alerter are irrationally driven to action by passion. However, Hamlet’s Indecisiveness of killing Claudia leads to the downfall of Alerter and ultimately his own. Hamlet kills Polonium, the father of Alerter, In hope that It was Claudia that was eavesdropping on the conversation between him and Gertrude. The death of Polonium was swept beneath the carpet which made Alerter determined to seek avenge for his father’s death. Alerter, In the state of rage he was, could easily be manipulated by anyone who showed Interest In his cause.

Alerter Is determined to avenge his father’s death. Claudia exploits Learner’s state of rage and determination to his advantage and manipulates Alerter into killing Hamlet. Hamlet only realizes Alerter and Claudia is set to kill him when Gertrude accidentally drinks a poisoned beverage that was meant for Hamlet. This knowledge causes Hamlet to act on emotion resulting in the death of Claudia and Alerter. Fortifiers seeks to avenge his father’s death by regaining the land King Hamlet took from King Fortifiers when he clayed him.

Despite the gamble Fortifiers took by attempting to go to war with Denmark, he managed to stay collected which ultimately resulted in a success to his search for vengeance. In conclusion, revenge has been the downfall of many people. It causes one to act irrationally and impulsively through anger and passion rather than reason. Throughout the play, Fortifiers, Alerter and Hamlet all relied on emotion to seek revenge. The gamble they took basing their revenge on passion rather than thought lead to the downfall and deaths of Alerter and Hamlet.